About Us

Mobili is an innovative hi-tech company, a world-class developer of cutting-edge mobile biosensor solutions and a proven leader in the field of mobile medical care, telehealth solutions, sport and first response monitoring.

Our primary goal has been and will remain developing pioneering mobile technology solutions for our clients, enabling them to get the most out of mobile sensor capabilities and helping them to see significant savings in doing so.

Established in 2008, our success stems from extensive and deep technical expertise, coupled with long-standing partnerships with leading customers and partners. We remain committed to delivering ever more cutting-edge mobile enterprise solutions for our clients which present a compelling mobile alternative to bulky and expensive monitoring and sensor solutions.


The mission of Mobili is the creation and development of new mobile biosensor solutions. We work around the clock to develop pioneering mobile technologies and solutions for our clients which enable them to make the most out of all that this technology has to offer at a cost-effective price point.


The vision of Mobili is to achieve and retain a leading status amongst biosensor solutions companies through the development of stable and innovative solutions.

About Seniors Phone

Seniors Phone is developed using our Mobilis framework, which allows easy integration of sensoric equipment into smartphone (or PC) applications. Seniors Phone is a lite edition of our InvisibleCare solution (shared care of elderly loved ones).

Other cases developed with the Mobilis Framework include our SenseView, DriversPhone and KidsPhone applications.