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Can't see the screen well?

Big bright screen with all the needed info.

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Too many different "apps" and "widgets"?

Simplified app adding from SeniorsPhone, no need to navigate the app store.

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So many things to press, just to call someone?

Predefined contacts, carers, texts. When you need it you only have to click once.

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Too many buttons to press?

One click functionality, easy. fast. functional.

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Too much information?

Displays all the relevant information on one screen.

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Looking for additional safety?

Additional location and SOS services, stay safe and located- whenever you want to.

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Seniors Phone is always simple, easy to read and navigate and completely modifiable. It is an all-in-one replacement for your smartphone's original interface.


Seniors Phone offers integrated SOS and location services for users and their predefined contacts and carers. Notifying your loved ones that you need help is just one click away.


No matter what device you use it on, Seniors Phone stays the same.


Additional applications

Seniors Phone gives the user the ability to download additional little apps and simply include them into the main application. Completely modular, adaptable and your own!


A classic camera for your phone, keep all those wonderful memories.


Easily calculate your expenses!


A GPS based location alarm.


Magnify small text using your device's camera. Perfect for reading a small text.


A small flashlight to light the dark.

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