User manual

Welcome to Seniors Phone!

Seniors Phone is a simple, easy-to-use smartphone launcher designed especially for seniors like you. It has big buttons for easy calling, texting, and accessing helpful functions like weather, magnifier, music, torch, and more.

Not everyone needs their smartphones to be complicated, so Seniors Phone keeps things straightforward. It's optimized for seniors and people with bad eyesight, with bigger fonts, colour-coded elements, and a reworked keyboard with larger keys.

Here's what Seniors Phone offers:

  1. Easy one-click access to all the essential functions, including a better dialer, predefined contacts, and messages.

  2. Stay safe with SOS and location services. With a simple tap, you can alert your family, friends, or caregivers if you need help.

  3. Block access to unnecessary functions to avoid confusion.

  4. Add useful modules like Magnifier, Torch, Camera, Calculator, and Music player.

  5. Keep the same user interface even if you switch to a new phone.

Seniors Phone is part of our IoCare solution for elder care. It allows you and your loved ones to stay connected and safe:

  • Know and act before something happens.
  • Take care of your loved ones easily and non-intrusively.
  • Feel calm knowing they are safe at all times.
  • Use smartphones and bio-sensor technology to keep an eye on your elderly loved ones.
  • Help others and let yourself be helped.
  • Share the care with your family and friends.

And remember, if you ever want your smartphone to work like a regular phone again, you can turn off the Seniors Phone application and continue using it as usual. Seniors Phone is here to make your smartphone experience easier and more enjoyable.

Quick Start Guide

In this guide, we'll walk you through setting up and using the Seniors Phone application, designed to make your smartphone experience simple and hassle-free.

Step 1: Navigating Through the Application

Seniors Phone uses a standard touch interface with enlarged buttons for easy use. The four lower buttons offer quick access to the most useful functions: Call, Text, Locate, and SOS. Your device using Seniors Phone can be operated like any normal phone or tablet, but with an enlarged and user-friendly interface. You can choose to set Seniors Phone as the main launcher, open it at device startup, and even prevent the user from closing it, so you always have access to the adapted launcher.

Upon launching the Seniors Phone app for the first time, you'll be greeted with a quick-start guide that explains the basics of the app briefly.

Step 2: Accessing the Menu and Settings

To access the menu and settings, use your device's menu button. Note that some newer devices might not have physical buttons, so the menu "button" could be on the right part of the screen, represented by three dots (Android 4.4 KitKat). Press the menu button, and the Seniors Phone menu will appear. Here, you can customize the displayed applications, set up carer and contact numbers, SOS and location settings, and more.

Step 3: Managing Your Contacts

Start by taking care of your contacts in the settings tab. Seniors Phone allows you to import your existing contacts and create new quick-dial contacts. You can also add pictures for faster and simpler access to your loved ones.

Step 4: Managing Carers

Your carers are your top priority and will be the first to receive notifications when you send Locate or SOS messages. They are always on standby to assist you when needed. Most often, your carers will be your family members.

Step 5: Predefined Texts

Save time by adding predefined texts in the Texts settings section. With just a single click, you can quickly reply to messages. Select a predefined text message in the settings and customize it with your own words!

That's it! You're now ready to enjoy a simplified and personalized smartphone experience with Seniors Phone. If you ever need to refer back to this guide, feel free to do so. We hope you find Seniors Phone to be your reliable companion for staying connected and confident in using your smartphone.


Main Screen

At the top of the screen, you'll find:

  1. Apps button: This button switches the layout of the bottom four buttons, turning them into application callers. You can customize which applications appear here in the settings under "manage applications." It's a quick way to access additional functionality.
  2. Date and Time: Displays a digital clock and the date. The time will need to be set in your Android device's settings.
  3. Notification/Carer Bar: This bar shows missed calls, unread messages, and other important alerts. It also displays the status of your carers, the contacts who can be alerted immediately in case of emergencies.

Lower Screen

The lower part of the screen includes four colour-coded buttons:

CALL: Allows you to make calls to predefined contacts or known numbers.

TEXT: Send out predefined text messages to your contacts.

SeniorsPhone - Text message

SeniorsPhone - Text message

LOCATE: Sends your current location (GPS coordinates) to your carer.

SeniorsPhone - Locate

SeniorsPhone - Locate

SOS: Sends an SOS warning alert along with your current location to a predefined contact. The SOS function sends the alert after a 10-second countdown, which you can cancel manually.

Seniors Phone - SOS

Seniors Phone - SOS

Additional Applications

Seniors Phone offers useful additional applications:

  1. CALCULATOR: Opens a basic calculator for quick calculations.
  2. TORCH: Turns on the flashlight if available, or maximizes the screen brightness with a white background to act as a torch.

Menu Screen

Seniors Phone - Menu

Seniors Phone - Menu

The menu screen provides various options:

  • Q. START: Opens the quick-start guide for reference.
  • GET DOCS: Sends additional documentation and this guide to your email.
  • INFO: Contains developer credits and acknowledgements.
  • FEEDBCK: Opens a feedback form for sending your opinions and reviews directly to the developer.
Seniors Phone - Feedback

Seniors Phone - Feedback

  • SETTINGS: Access Seniors Phone settings, 
Seniors Phone - Settings

Seniors Phone - Settings

including PHONE (contacts, carer-only calls, default (replaces android call screen), dialer),

Seniors Phone - Settings / Phone

Seniors Phone - Settings / Phone

TEXT MESSAGE (predefined messages, auto-reply, carer-only texts),

Seniors Phone - Settings / Text message

Seniors Phone - Settings / Text message

INTERFACE (general user interface options such as font size etc),

Seniors Phone - Settings / Interface

Seniors Phone - Settings / Interface

OTHER options (password protection, autostarting of the app),

Seniors Phone - Settings / Other

Seniors Phone - Settings / Other

and MANAGE APPS (additional applications the users can put on the main screen).

Seniors Phone - Settings / Manage apps

Seniors Phone - Settings / Manage apps

  • ANDROID SETTINGS: Opens the device's Android settings for system-level adjustments.
Seniors Phone - Android Settings

Seniors Phone - Android Settings

  • LINKS: Opens a page with additional links.
  • EXIT: Closes the Seniors Phone application and returns to the standard Android interface.

Using Seniors Phone

Using Seniors Phone is similar to using any other adapted mobile device. You'll receive calls and texts as usual. The main functions are CALL, TEXT, LOCATE, and SOS. Call for making calls and reviewing call logs, Text for sending text messages with an adapted three-row alphabetical keyboard, and Locate and SOS for safety and assistance.

The Locate function uses GPS to find your location and sends it to a predefined contact. It's handy for seniors needing a pickup.

The SOS function serves as an alarming system. When pressed, it starts a 10-second countdown and immediately alerts the predefined carer contacts of your SOS call.

Additional Applications

On the app page, you can access applications you've set up, such as a calculator, torchlight, camera, magnifier, or internet browser.

Battery and Weather Buttons

The battery button shows your battery status, and the weather button displays the current weather report (from Android settings). Clicking the weather icon reveals the forecast for the next two days.

Lock/Unlock Seniors Phone

Locking: Prevent accidental closing or opening of other apps by making Seniors Phone the default home screen. Choose Seniors Phone as the default home screen, and it will be "locked" to Seniors Phone.

Unlocking: To revert to the standard home screen, go to the menu and press EXIT. Choose another home screen to "unlock" the phone.